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Marijuana Resources for Teens

Web Resources

Marijuana: Know the Facts
This information card was produced in 2013 by the Washington State Liquor Control Board and includes brief answers to common questions about recreational marijuana in Washington. (Available in Cambodian, Chinese, Korean, Laotian, Russian, Somali, Spanish, Vietnamese)


National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) for Teens: http://www.teens.drugabuse.gov

NIDA for Teens: Marijuana (NIDA)

Marijuana: Facts for Teens (NIDA)

Drugs: Shatter the Myths (NIDA)

MedLine Plus: Marijuana information
From the National Library of Medicine, overviews on what marijuana is and how it works, pictures and photos, and more.

Above the Influence (Office of Natl Drug Control Policy)
This site features all the ads and materials from the popular youth prevention campaign "Above the Influence." Find drug facts, ways to "live above the influence," and information on how to help friends struggling with drugs.

Get It Straight: The Facts about Drugs (Student Guide) (DEA, Boys & Girls Club, 2011)
Four teens working with the Drug Enforcement Agency and the Boys & Girls Club provide information about marijuana and other drugs commonly used by adolescents: over-the-counter medications, prescription drugs, inhalants, and marijuana.

Drug Prevention 4 Teens (DEA, 2008)
This guide presents information on drugs of abuse, including marijuana, the costs to society of adolescent drug use, attitudes about drugs, information about the legalization debate, and a guide to how teens can help prevent drug use and increase awareness about drugs for themselves and their peers.

The ADAI Clearinghouse: Free marijuana materials | Pinterest site

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